Countries with the Best Cultural Tourism in the World

Traveling is one activity that is very popular with many people. There are those who travel to certain areas, and some even travel abroad. Travel abroad is very popular with many people, the activities undertaken when traveling abroad are nature tours, enjoying hundreds of culinary delights, historical tours to cultural tours.

Cultural tourism is a tourism activity undertaken to study, witness, and visit certain cultural sites in a country. For those of you who are fond of the culture of a country, this article will discuss countries with the best cultural tourism recommendations!

Countries with the Best Cultural Tourism in the World


Lantern Festival in Nagasaki

Japan is a country with very high cultural values. Starting from temples, and historic castles, you can find various cultural festivals in Japan. Every year, Japan always holds various cultural festivals such as the Sanja Matsuri which is a festival celebrating the founder of Sensoji Temple, a large Buddhist temple located in the Asakusa area, and held every May.

Then, the Lantern Festival in Nagasaki which takes place every January 1 of the Lunar calendar or Chinese New Year until January 15. The festival, which lasts for 2 weeks features hundreds to thousands of lanterns that decorate the city of Nagasaki every night. Each of these cultural festivals is perfect for tourists to visit to learn about Japan’s unique culture.


Diwali Festival-India

The next country which is the best cultural tourism destination is India, more precisely in the capital of India, New Delhi. In this city, you can find various cultural tourist destinations such as traditional markets, historic restaurants, ancient mosques, and other cultural destinations.

You can find various cultural festivals such as the Diwali Festival, which is called the festival of lights. When this festival takes place, Indian people use lamps and lanterns to illuminate their homes. It became a symbol to protect spiritual darkness. The Diwali Festival is held for approximately five days.


Venice - cultural tourism

Turning to countries in Europe, Italy is one of the countries with the best cultural tourism. For example, like the City of Venice, which is surrounded by water because it is a city of islands. In this city, you can rent a rowboat to go around and see the various beauties of the city of Venice. Apart from that, various cultural festivals are often held in this city, such as annual events or carnivals which are always crowded with visitors.


Festival La Tamborrada

Furthermore, the country in Europe that has the best cultural tourism is Spain. There are lots of cultural attractions that can be enjoyed in this country such as San Fermin which is the most controversial festival! Because hundreds of participants took to the streets of Pamplona, Spain, and were confronted by ferocious bulls.

Then, the exciting La Tamborrada festival in winter. At this festival, you will enjoy the strains of drum music played by adult men, women, and children.

Dublin, Ireland

St. Patrick's Day Parade

The next city that is the best cultural tour is the city of Dublin. Every March 17, the Republic of Ireland holds the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This festival is a religious festival that celebrates Saint Patrick for introducing and bringing Christianity.

Dublin is also a favorite city for foreign tourists because there is a lot of entertainment such as musicians, bands, bars, and other entertainment venues.

Those are the recommendations for the five countries with the best cultural tourism in the world that can be used as references for traveling abroad. However, before you visit abroad, it would be nice for you to prepare your ability to communicate using English so that traveling to countries with the best culture in the world can be done more safely, comfortably, and smoothly!

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